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When I came to live in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province two years ago and my Chinese husband told me about the price per square meter to buy an apartment, I was shocked! For the price of a small apartment in Shenzhen, you can have a nice villa with a garden in Europe.

I grew up in the countryside in Belgium, so I never lived in a big city before. When I came to Shenzhen, I had great difficulties. I am getting used to it, but maybe that is also because we live near a couple of parks, so I can escape to nature whenever I feel that the city is getting under my skin.

My husband always said that he will work hard and that we could probably buy an apartment in Shenzhen in a couple of years.

At first, I didn't want to say anything as I thought I needed to get used to Shenzhen, but I found it outrageous to pay that much to be in a small box in a tall building.

Whenever I complained about the noise, crowds and high-rise buildings in Shenzhen, my husband said that I will get used to it.

But after more than two years, I realized that I am not a city girl and I don't want to spend that much money on a small apartment in China. We don't know what the future will bring, and I want to have a house with a garden. So, we decided to move to Belgium in a couple of years. I am glad that my husband agrees with me and wants to move to Europe as it will be a big change for him.

My ideal is still not to give up on China - we have great opportunities here.

I think Shenzhen is an entrepreneur heaven, and I still want to do business there.

So, my ideal life is to live in China for a few months a year and to spend the rest of the year living in Belgium. A nice house with a garden in Belgium will be a great investment, and it will help me deal with the city life.

I know some people who still think buying property in Shenzhen is a good investment, but I don't agree. I think smaller cities like Huizhou are a better investment. If I ever earn enough for the down payment and decide to buy an apartment in China in the future, I'd start there.

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