Datang Times
Datang Times exclusive report on Feb. 26: Emma, reporter from Datang Times, recently interviewed mainland singer Zhao Keyan whose new song "Mr. Zhao" recently won the "Outstanding Work Award" in China's "I Love Folk songs, I Love original" Music Competition. Speaking about the award, Mr. Zhao said it was an unexpected surprise from the competition. From early non-mainstream music to current folk music, it was his biggest turning point from amateur to professional singer, and the award could be the best affirmation of his music.

According to Emma, Zhao Keyan became a hit on the Internet in mainland China in 2014 with a funny song, “"she won't give me a hundred Yuan.". At the time, some professionals rated his song arrangement as low, and asserted that his unprofessional singing would not bring him lasting popularity.

Zhao Keyan was born in Lishu county, Jilin province, China on September 11, 1983 (the fifth day of the eighth lunar month). When he was a child, he was fond of painting and music. Because of his family's financial reasons, he dropped out of junior high school and began farming. Since 2009, he has been out of town, and while working, he has also learned singing skills and created music by himself.

In January 2010, he took part in the first "Top Ten Original Singers Election" held in Siping, mainland China. He won the first prize for the original song "Siping, my hometown". In April, he took part in the "2010 Super Boys" competition held by Hunan Satellite TV in Shenyang, and made it to the top 100 in Shenyang District.

In 2011, he officially made his debut with his first single, "grieving over autumn2012," and published a number of music works. In December 2017, he released the music album "Mr. Zhao" and launched the music on YANDEX Music Channel in Russia and FRIDAY Music in Taiwan, China. In April 2018, he appeared on the cover of the Chinese mainland music magazine “Lyricist”.

Zhao Keyan's road to fame is difficult. Mr. Zhao says his life is now very comfortable, and the greatest joy in his life is to continue to create fancy music for his fans.

(Reporter: Emma, Editor in charge: Datang )